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Sunnyside’s 44-bed long-term care facility is nestled in a relaxing northwoods setting, conveniently located next to Community Memorial Hospital. We encourage our residents to bring personal items from home for their comfort and enjoyment, and we strive to create a warm, home-like atmosphere in our facility and in everything we do. Our residents and their families appreciate the consistent, personalized care provided by our experienced team of health care professionals. In fact, one of our best-kept secrets is that Sunnyside is better staffed than many other long-term care facilities in the region, ensuring that your loved one will receive the tender-loving care they deserve.

If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list, contact Allison Crotteau at 218-878-7074.

In 2013 we reduced the number of Sunnyside’s patient beds. Read our 2013 Resident Relocation FAQs here.

Admission requirements

  • A prospective resident may be referred by his/her physician, family or other interested party.
  • Residents are admitted to the facility only upon the recommendation of a physician with staff privileges at Community Memorial Hospital. The physician will provide resident information including current medical findings, diagnoses, and orders for the resident’s health care. Each resident is seen by their doctor every 30 days for the first three months, then every 60 days and as needed.
  • A resident and/or family will participate with a series of assessments to be completed on admission and throughout the resident’s stay. The information obtained will be used to establish an individualized plan of care. The plan of care is directed toward assisting each resident to achieve and maintain an optimal level of self care and independence. The assessments include, but are not limited to: nursing care, nutritional, psychosocial, activities and rehabilitation.
  • If the scope of care needed is beyond our abilities, a resident will be transferred to a more appropriate care setting.


The daily room and board rate is established by the State of Minnesota. The State will notify you regarding your care classification. Current rates are posted in the facility and if you have questions, please contact the Business Office. Extra services which are ordered by your doctor will be provided at an additional cost. These services include: physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, Radiology, specialized equipment, emergency room, laboratory and pharmacy.

Meals and dining

Meals are served in the Sunnyside dining room at the following approximate times:


7:00 a.m.


11:45 a.m.


5:00 p.m.

Snacks are available depending on dietary restrictions. Substitute entrees are available if a resident does not like what is served. Guest trays are available for family and friends during the regular meal time for a modest charge. Food items brought in for residents must be in appropriate containers and labeled with the date.

The cafeteria on the ground floor of the hospital is also available for residents and their guests if they desire an alternative setting or additional food choices. All cafeteria items are free-of-charge for Sunnyside residents.

Sunnyside Activities Program

Sunnyside has an excellent Activities Program. Laurie Korby, Director of the Activities Program, and her team are SHCC’s certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who specialize in therapeutic activities for the elderly. They have received extensive education on the cognitive levels of dementia and are able to adapt activities to almost any level of function.

The goal of the Activities Program is to provide residents with:

  • An ongoing quality of life
  • A link to the community
  • Opportunities to be as functional and independent as possible
  • Make choices to live life to its fullest!

Activity professionals at Sunnyside provide thorough activity assessments for all residents and develop activities for all ability levels. The program has such activities as: bringing school-aged children to the facility to perform musical concerts; trips to a local malt shop, shopping and restaurants; and a special Valentine’s Day celebration, including the crowning of a king and queen. Recently, the Sunnyside received a grant from the University of Minnesota Extension Office to help fund an adaptive gardening which allows SHCC residents to work in a special flower and vegetable garden at two handicap-accessible planting tables.

Visitors to SHCC

Visitors are welcome at any time. For the health of all our residents, we ask that anyone with signs or symptoms of a communicable illness not visit our facility.

For our residents’ care and safety

  • Each resident’s health care will be individually planned based on the nature of their illness or disability, the treatment prescribed by the resident’s doctor, and the resident’s needs and interests. We also want family members to have a part in planning their relative’s care. SHCC will continually re-evaluate your condition and adjust your care needs.
  • We have a television set in the day room or you may choose to bring a television or radio with you for your own room.
  • Medications, including over-the-counter medications must be ordered by the resident’s physician.
  • Residents can open an account for funds for their personal needs. Quarterly statements are provided to all residents with personal accounts. Funds from these accounts can be accessed 7 days a week between 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. through the business office located in the hospital. Please do not keep large sums of money or valuables in your room.

For our residents’ comfort

  • We encourage our residents to make their rooms as homelike as possible. Residents are invited to bring and keep personal items such as pictures, toiletry articles, books, sheets, blankets and comforters in their room. If you aren’t sure about a certain item, please ask.
  • We have television sets in the dayrooms on each floor or you may choose to bring a television or radio with you for your own room.
  • We have a telephone in the lobby for residents and family to use, and a cordless phone so residents can accept personal calls. Residents may have a telephone in their room; this cost will be billed directly to each resident by the telephone company.
  • Rooms may be decorated, but please do not use tape on the walls. A bulletin board is provided in each room to display cards, etc.
  • Beauty and barber services are available to all residents for a nominal feel. Other services are available by our volunteers. These services include: letter writing, companionship, sewing, shopping and reading.

SHCC licensed social worker

A licensed social worker at Sunnyside helps residents with any problem they may have of a social, emotional, or financial nature. The social worker will obtain a complete social history from each resident upon their admission. This information is confidential and is shared only with those directly involved with a resident’s care. The social history is used to help plan care and improve a resident’s quality of life while they reside here. The social worker is a communication link between the resident, family, and the staff.

Our policy is to provide each resident with a copy of the Resident Bill of Rights, the list of resident responsibilities, and the handbook containing these policies and procedures. Our social worker will ask each resident or their family representative to sign a statement that indicates that you have received the information and understand it. This document becomes part of your permanent medical record.

Contact information

For more information about Sunnyside Health Care Center, please call 218-879-4641. To contact Jennifer Capra, Director of Nurses at Sunnyside, please call 218-878-7037. To contact the Sunnyside Activity Department, please call Laurie Korby, Activities Director, at 218-878-7649.

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