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HealthWire is a quarterly newsletter published by Community Memorial Hospital with news about CMH, Sunnyside Health Care Center as well as important information about your family’s health. HealthWire is mailed to homes in the Cloquet area.

Healthwire Fall 2014 (1.2MB)

Report to the Community, 2011-2013 (527KB)

Healthwire Winter 2014 (1.3MB)

Healthwire Fall 2013 (832KB)

Healthwire June 2013 (905KB)

Healthwire March 2013 (1.6MB)

Healthwire Fall 2012 (780KB)

Healthwire Spring 2012 (680KB)

Healthwire Fall 2011 (712KB)

Healthwire Spring 2011 (603KB)

Heathwire Winter 2011 (535 KB)

Heathwire Fall 2010 (500 KB)

Heathwire Summer 2010 (582 KB)

Heathwire Winter 2010 (520 KB)

Report to the Community, 2008-2010 (283 KB)

Heathwire Summer 2009 (922 KB)

Heathwire Winter 2009 (532 KB)

Heathwire Fall 2008 (683 KB)

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